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fulvio wirz (united kingdom), mariagrazia lanza (united kingdom)
The membranes are sustained by a tensile structure made of harmonic steel cables with a double horizontal frame.These are tensed between the piers of the existing bridges.To avoid the vertical inflection of the structure a further layer of cables is hooked to the upper deck and fixed at the lower end to poles knocked in the ground.The coupling system of the stripes is based on criteria of simplicity and cheapness using stainless steel pad eyes. The warping of the stripes is achieved by variating the points where those are fixed between the two horizontal cables. The calabrian coast is characterized by winds with an average speed of 5 - 6 m/s towards north.This justifies the choice of 30 kW vertical axis wind turbines to produce energy.These are installed on steel structures and positioned according to the skin layout. A preliminary analysis leads to an estimated cost for the membrane skin of 300 euros / m2 while each turbine costs 100,000 euro.