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fulvio wirz (united kingdom), mariagrazia lanza (united kingdom)
This project proposes a flexible concept that can turn the former infrastructure into an ephemeral art installation that integrates a wind farm for the production of sustainable energy. A single design that can be adapted to fit each viaduct defining a common aesthetic for all of them but at the same time is able to generate ariation according to the very unique conditions of every singular case. In order to achieve this the project relies on the modularity of a flexible element: a light vertical membrane of PVC coated fabric which spans the entire height of the viaduct. The array of this simple element is combined with the malleability of the material to generate a pattern achieved by progressively differentiating the amount of torsion given to each stripe. The result is a complex surface that alterns zones of reflection to zones of transparency. The surface is finished with a silver coat which catches the reflections of the environment.