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anna julibert foyo (spain), saida dalmau alzina (spain), carmen vilar agea (spain)
Production of renewable energy and creating a focus to exhibit and promote the use of this energy seems a good way to go. To use an existing infrastructure, avoiding the deconstruction cost, instead, becomes an investment in the two previous objectives, motivating us to take part of this competition, in order to try and find the best solutions for these objectives.
Our proposal pretends also to achieve other objectives which support, complement and serve at the same time public and private interests of economy, local people, landscape, architecture, education and recreation interests.
We intended to take advantage of the location along the linear park and in a balanced way to:

•Create a pull, a source of discusion and study for renewable energies, which attracts professionals for their investigation and development, with companies concerned in this market, and also for the people, in a pragmatic and dynamic way for the knowledge of different ways of energies.