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boguslaw witkowski (belgium), maciej starewicz (poland), elmar hess (united kingdom)
1- Heal the wounds done to the Mother Nature promoting creative economy mechanisms by valorization of existing fixtures in aim to prevent the predicted climate change impacts and discourage new construction for to reduce rapidly GHG emissions.
2- Create vertical and horizontal suspended garden structures, enabling better expression of dramatic beauty of existing engineering works and their better integration to the natural surroundings.
3- Locate renewable energy experimental labs in created suspended structures as a form of mutating land art.
4- Convert the S-N carriage into suspended gardens connected to the tourist itineraries situated on the natural ground through the ramp system.
5- Promote regional beauty introducing pedestrian and bicycle tourist itineraries and their logistic infrastructures integrated into created installations. Proposed land art structures aim to enhance respectful and balanced attitude towards existing flora & fauna.