EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 194 of 195  
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Lorenzo Goat (ITALIA), Silvia Della Pietra (ITALIA), Fabio Maiolin (ITALIA), Ilenia Medizza (ITALIA), Riccardo Scabari (ITALIA)
Remembering where we grew up and comparing it with what today represents the identity of a city, we think that this identity is less deep and simple than yesterday and more linked at the economic point of view.
There is a lack of spirit, able to link in a deep way people at their place of origin; it probably happens because we haven’t a cultural development behind the city’s story.
The aim is to carry a new and active culture in the city, a culture able to start a continuous sequence of positive changes that move the consciences and finally create a civic sense which seems haven’t time to grow up in people that today change city frequently and quickly.