EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 195 of 195  
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Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi (ITALIA)
The city is developed on a new artificial soil, a sort of slab raised from ground and connected to the lower floors where commercial centre and other urban functions are gathered. The UTOPIA to live on the heights meets the typological experimentations of dwelling in a horizontal city. The entire distribution system is designed in hierarchical way. The principal access is located in a main hall; from here, big open spaces, thought as new public squares of ideas exchange, are easily reachable; every court is connected to the lower floors through elevators, thus easing the personal shopping and whatever other needs one may have; moreover from every court it is possible to access apartments which have fa├žades towards private little patios. Finally, a tower rises from the slab as the unique landmark of the territory, thus establishing a strong typological relationship between horizontal and vertical-structured living places.