EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 193 of 195  
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Telecommunication permeates almost everywhere in our daily live. Electronic cables are buried under streets, concealed above ceilings, located inside solid walls, and we are undeniably integrated with these kinds of threads. The sprawl of the telecommunication system is the guideline of how a city spreads. We try to visualize these cables as an ephemeral community, by pulling them out of the ground and walls, and offering them flexibility as the main structure.

The main “cable spine” not only forms the structural system, but also continues the information threads generated from the northern headquarter. Another “green spine” from the existing park located northeastern indicates the environmental saneness. In the projected future, these two spines seem to spread toward the west and south. The two spines are the main vessels of the city’s body, guiding the flow of citizens and emphasizing the role of a community.