EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 55 of 195  
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Matteo Martella (ITALIA), Stefano Arrighi (ITALIA)
“Before building a house within the city walls, imagine building a dwelling in the wilderness [...].
I would like to collect your houses and spread them like seeds from the hands of a sower over forests and plains”. Kahlille Gibran, The Prophet
Everyville is a wood first of all; a tree is planted for every future citizen. The dense vegetation occupies a square grid of 12.5 kmq planted in an orthogonal mesh. The idea behind the construction of this city is contrary to what is normally done: a forested area is partially cleared rather than an empty space being filled. The first clearings to be made are communal areas, large voids which open the city to the sky; all the material taken from these sites is recycled and used to construct the city.
Expansion of the city only occurs outside the boundaries of the square for another 25000 people with the same number of trees. Growth occurs dynamically but is always regulated by the vegetation in the orthogonal mesh.