EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 54 of 195  
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Tomas Dirrix (NETHERLANDS), Wing Yung (NETHERLANDS), Bart van der Zalm (NETHERLANDS)
In giving identity, universality of means and a cohesive feel among inhabitants are of utmost importance; they assure that the proposed developments are of use to everyone and noticeable as such. We imagine flourishment of individual citizen’s key values by means of a rigid network of public transport linking prime sites in a series of connected markers or stops, above or below ground. By choice of path and place to reside inhabitants form of each stop in turn, more or less, a small centre of growth, a hotspot with numerous possibilities regarding housing/work—choices are made by citizens themselves. These town-in-town-like conglomerates expand until they melt with the town’s shifting border. The transport grid provides a strong background accentuated in greenery, against which a common identity is built up of the thoughts and actions of society using it. Identity can only be realized by a group sharing the same set of values; it is not formed by the ideas of one person/architect