EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 56 of 195  
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Ryan Ludwig (UNITED STATES), Esther Choi (CANADA), Garrick Ambrose (UNITED STATES), Ahmadreza Schricker (UNITED STATES)
Links, Loops & Layers
Shaped by the polyphonic rhythms of everyday life, our proposal for EveryVille forges its identity not out of monuments, but from moments of contradiction that give rise to diverse and ever changing programmatic mutations. Predicated on the generation of agonistic relations, the community’s traditional central core is exchanged instead for a distributed logic of amenities, housed in a textured infrastructural ribbon that creates interlocking and distinct enclaves over time. Following a logic of iterative outcomes, gradients of difference emerge from the interstices of these ribbons, sponsoring a range of landscapes that function as both communities and landmarks. The loop is simultaneously architecture and fi eld, partition and connection—an identifi able rhythm that follows a double beat—mediating the dialectical relations at play in the movement towards developing a sense of place.