EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 35 of 40
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baptiste gallineau (FRANCE), mauro palamini (ITALIA)
City of events
Everyville is the city of events… The inhabitants of Metropolis come there to celebrate every year the birthday of the foundation of the new town. In this occasion, they participate in big holidays (sport competitions, concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.) of international fames which can last several weeks. Trough these happenings Everyville involves on the territory different kinds of energies that create an accelerated urbanization of the city.
So the development of Everyville will not follow a classical way, but, thanks to that fastness, it will present the character of uncontrollable of informal urbanisation, that will assure a more spontaneous grown.
Every place is relationed to a fact, to something that phisically happened in the past.
The community remember forever these events, that will allow to create the memory of places. The shape of the city will be marked with these mo(nu)ments, when all its inhabitants vibrated together.