EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 36 of 40
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Heike Heldt (GERMANY), Daniel Luethi (SWITZERLAND), Carolina Espirito Santo (PORTUGAL)
Third Floor
Once the Mayor agrees on legislating this new method for community, each building of EveryVille, private and public, is to elect his Third Floor.

As an alternative to the coffee shop, Third Floor projects a community space where mixed individuals will be able to share moments in a place released from commercial interest and focused on social benefit.

Beyond telecommunication devices and the construction of brand new social complexes, a human scale project is more likely to create a focal point for identity.

Third Floor will not build nor destroy but transform what already exists and inspire what is to come. It is designed to adapt itself and grow visually as a concept within the social-economic frame of an expanding city.

In the emergence of a new town, decisions are to be made now in order to create a cohesive system responding to the urgent need of community. If ownership gives us a sense of responsibility, than common ownership should give us a sense of community.