EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 66 of 195  
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EveryVille is characterized of a landmark, the new cultural and administration center, and of a series of choices oriented to reduce environmental pollution and improve the liveability.
The urban landmark contains the cultural activity, with the library, the auditorium, the media center and the exhibition area, and the administrative functions with the offices of the local government.
The district are built with the accord of the investors following sustainable principles such as the use of the sunlight as a source of energy (solar and photovoltaic panels).
Some of the streets of the town are replaced with the route of a city train that, combined with some exchanger car parks, allows a better flow of pedestrian and public traffic. The city train reaches every point of EveryVille and connects the pedestrian precinct with the commercial areas.
EveryVille wants to be an idea of city in accordance with a sustainable development and with an active social and cultural life.