EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 67 of 195  
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1) Let the size of everyville be 50,000 inhabitants.
2) Define X Domain of town limit be 5km
3) Define Y Domain of town limit be 5km
Hence Area of everyville equal to X*Y= 25sqkm

4) Set Setback of dwelling unit to be 10meters
5) Set No of floors of each to be 4 levels
6) Given each dwelling unit contains 4 inhabitants
Therefore we create 12500 dwelling units
7) Array 125*125 units with origin 5km away from center of city.

8) Draw perpendicular from center of everyvile to Highway 1
9) Draw Perpendicular from center of everyvile to beltway B
10) Locate city hall at center of town
11) Draw Avernus XYWZ and Street PST
12) For Each (Intersection XYZ with PST)
Locate Housing Cluster
Insert Communications tower

# Within a sterile environment apart from a set of generic disconnected rigid planning parameters ....