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Matteo Renato d'Aloja (ITALIA)
The world is changing. Land is becoming scarce. We only focus on building on it and speculating off it. People leave the countryside to chase meager dreams of success in large urban areas.

This process creates two problems:
- Fertile soil is being abandoned.
- Urban areas are sprawling, cities grow without limits and rational planning.

We must live our future with great courage. Allowing farmers - willing to live in urban areas - to continue the work they know best.
I visualize self-sufficient "bubbles" where sheep can roam freely. But sheep must also make a contribution: they will have to provide wool which will be sold directly to retail stores and they must supply solar energy through solar panels attached on their backs. Everyone will have to procure his/her own energy and share it within the community. Golden fields of wheat -grown and harvested in the "bubble" and sold directly to bakeries- will provide an inspiring view to those training and jogging within the "bubble".