EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 27 of 40
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Darius Karacsony (JAPAN), Daniel Johansson (JAPAN), Chie Konno (JAPAN), Nadine Schütz (SWITZERLAND), Cecile Brouillaud (UNITED STATES)
The Meridian

Why will physical form become more important in an increasingly virtual world?
Is architecture more ephemeral than cultural heritage?
Can we rediscover the sacred realm as the bridging space between form and ideas?
Can we provide spatial resources that are not vulnerable to centralized control?
What potential does the collective adaptation of a provided structure hold for future communities?
Are business models the functional vehicles of our century?
Do real estate developers have more imagination than architects?
How about offering 5% of the public domain to private use?
Did you know that 25% of Tokyo’s building mass was constructed within 5 years?
How large does a building have to be to inevitably become public?
Does a complex spatial structure such as landscape trigger complex social behaviour?
How should we transform urban voids if the cities are getting denser?
What is an urban veranda?