EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 27 of 40
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Darius Karacsony (JAPAN), Daniel Johansson (JAPAN), Chie Konno (JAPAN), Nadine Sch├╝tz (SWITZERLAND), Cecile Brouillaud (UNITED STATES)
The Meridian

Why do Europeans think Asian people are less individualized?
Does Nigeria need a space program?
Was ancient Greek culture Asian?
Was the Renaissance a cultural transplant?
Did modernist urbanism fail as architecture or policy?
Do you belief that population growth will level out?
Can you imagine celebrating Jom Kippur, Christmas, Bayram and Hanami?
Is regionalism utopian?
What will happen to biodiversity if Africa were to fully industrialize?
How do we put more emphasis on local agricultural production serving the local markets?
Is it possible to shortcut from agricultural to knowledge society?
What is the danger of 'small is beautiful'?
How can we generate maximal programmatic input with minimal spatial impact?
What about architecture is intentionally imperfect?
Do we need narratives to love architecture?
Instead of having people migrate to cities, can we bring the cities to the people?
Can you imagine the view from a train 100 meters above ground?