EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 26 of 40
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filippo nanni (ITALIA), lucia zamponi (ITALIA)
Contemporary city is an evolving idea.Buildings last,functions change.It’s time to encourage and induce reappropriation processes of disused spaces, of transformation of inadequate ones,of colonization for that still whole.Surplus of functions and inefficient spaces have created a dissonance in city’s rhythm, incongruity between time and spaces.To reintroduce the equilibrium city must invent an estate of versatile tools-spaces that let the network society empower its relationship with the city and generate sense of community.Everyville is the real site of transformation.It’s architecture is pervious, evolutionary and corresponding to the society that generates and feeds it.The “potato.radish.salad.mustard.onion.” strategy aims to heal the discrepancy between architecture and contest, it’s a metronome for a disoriented city.Introducing crop rotation’s method marked by gears we want to suggest to the buzz of human energy a way to approach and take possession of urban space.