EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 28 of 40
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Jorge José Dzib Ruiz Dana (MEXICO), Gustavo Adolfo Ken Arroyo Ohori (MEXICO), Santiago Itzcoatl Salinas Reyna (MEXICO)
A new typology in architecture was proposed. A huge forgotten building owned by a telecommunications company was the place to be used. Taking the structure and its information facilities, the challenge was to make an architectural intervention that would utilize the pre-existing structure of the city, while introducing new possibilities to create a unique architectural language and public space that would be an urban Internet provider. Half a building, half a park, opened in the summer and closed in the winter, concrete and trees, gave birth to a space where people could inhabit. The project was a success; Everyville feels proud of its new digital pavilion. The Council decided that this was the new path for the city. Because of the fluxus of information and social network the project allowed for new opportunities to be quickly found.