EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 152 of 195  
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Cosimo Fabio Lavacca (ITALIA), Andrea Degl'Innocenti (ITALIA), Alessia Villanucci (ITALIA), Ilaria Conti (ITALIA), Roberto Mercoldi (ITALIA), Tommaso Rossetti (ITALIA), Massimiliano Petrucci (ITALIA)
What could make Everyville’s inhabitants a community? Individuals’ experiences sharing through mass events like parties, ceremonies, rituals, children free discovery of territory by playing, capability to give mass meaning to any kind of community. They decided to shape the city starting from spaces (agoras) becoming both sharing and symbol places of the ecological movement adopted by Everyville; in each agora there’ll be an artistic work which reminds the concept of energy giving power. Thanks to the energy, even the buildings continuously turn around, always changing the space occupied and the perception which makes exchange easier among collectivity. These elements altogether are able to let future Everyville’s demographic and sociologic changings take place. This would keep a higher life quality and a collective identity constant. These two components are based on central elements of natural life: deep contact with nature and relationships with others.