EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 151 of 195  
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elisa franzoi (ITALIA), laura cazzaniga (ITALIA), pietro zucca (ITALIA)
EveryVille is not an urban organism: it embodies, instead, the worst kind of social interaction


EV therefore describes a living condition opposed to the cities that indeed we wish to inhabit; and,

from this point of view, it also expresses the banality of the “Italian brainframe” as depending upon

the social and ethnographic stratification currently occurring in the country.

EV in fact mirrors the well-torn prejudices haunting the idea of social success, personal taste and

individual gender. To the degree that, in EV, Neapolitan cheaters cheat, gypsies steal and

Romanians rape women; Nigerian and Romanian prostitutes, on the other hand, wait for their

clients over heaps of garbage.