EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 152 of 195  
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Cosimo Fabio Lavacca (ITALIA), Andrea Degl'Innocenti (ITALIA), Alessia Villanucci (ITALIA), Ilaria Conti (ITALIA), Roberto Mercoldi (ITALIA), Tommaso Rossetti (ITALIA), Massimiliano Petrucci (ITALIA)
The community of Everyville is a valid ecological alternative to Megalopolis; it adopts a different lifestyle which could be able to affect both social and personal lives. The city is made of a network consisting of residential areas, kitchen-gardens and parks developing around shared spaces and of a mixed transportation one. There are two main ecological ways of moving: on ground and on water, by bike and horse or by sailing boat. Alimentary and energetic resources supply is guaranteed by urban kitchen-gardens ( fertilized with agrarian compost produced by physiological and alimentary wastes which are collected in the underground) and by the exploitment of the solar energy: the buildings rotate like sunflowers to capture the solar energy continuously changing the connective spaces geometry and their direction.