EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 153 of 195  
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Sharing McLuhan’s remarks about the overtaking of the visual space in the fusion between figure and background , Pierre Levy’s about stereo reality meant as the production of every reality existing in the information’s instantaneousness and W. Heisenberg’S about an area made of events that in different terms gives a wide-reaching structure, we have conceived everyville through two methaphres: community as hypertext; city as area condition.
Every citizen, as well as who surfs the net, getting together in virtual communities takes part in the editing of the text that he reads , building it up in a way in which the different writings (infrastructure, house-monument, palimpsest-woven) eventualizing create the city itself.
Fixed structures, temporary and increasing ones , alter the urban setting creating different design continuously reconfiguring.
We’ve the tecnologies to do it.