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Roland Trauzold (GERMANY)
Growing up in South Africa & being of German and Scottish descent, I choose to create a centre combining the simple and raw African approach with a comfortable, organized and evasive European stance.
Africa taught me how vital & spirited life is, whereas in Europe many live a passive, bubble like existence, focusing on all but the message of today. However, the sustainable planning in Europe has illustrated the necessity of defined space.
I choose to implant a stronghold of true learning. Young & old, life & death, sickness & health act as a mediator between its citizens’ lives. Crèche, health institutions & old-age homes form the largest part of this complex. This space also offers the public the chance to exhibit thoughts & sell goods produced nearby. A moat or park like ring of contemplation adjacent to the complex enables the citizens to process the impression of within.
The citizens’ lives & stories fill the sponge-like heart of the young city & become its heritage.