EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 147 of 195  
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Giulia Carboni (ITALIA), Valentina Andriulli (ITALIA), Simona Cerri (ITALIA), Silvia Bachetti (ITALIA), Stefan Popa (ROMANIA)
START! playMOVIL(le) isn’t a city like others, playMOVIL(le) is a game.
PlayMOVIL(le) isn’t made out of neighborhoods, it’s made out of micro-communities; each micro-community participates in a different way at the creation of the public space, using it’s own waste as prime-material for it’s creation.
Each citizen is encouraged to change the community he belongs to depending on his desires and on the type of contribution that he is willing to make towards the public space.
GAME PRINCIPLES: change and exchange.
GAME OBJECTIVE: Build a new sense of the collective, based on one's contribution to a common project that has his roots in a new consciousness of the surrounding space.
Encourage the exchange through continuous change of inhabitants from one community to another.
The purpose is to educate citizens in order to be able to face continuous change (a basic condition of the contemporary world).