EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 149 of 195  
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Andrea Aviles (MEXICO), santiago siller (MEXICO)
At the very moment of the Rising Sun, this City, a living organism, like the human beings, as the Uni-verse and the particle; becomes aware of itself.
Just like Earth inhabits the Solar System, Humans live in the Cities, and our Cells conform our body. If each person recognizes himself, then one might come into relation with his City.
Equilibrium arises from the relation of 3 parts. This City obeys the Triad, with the Intelectual Center to the North, where the head would be keeping order and correct functioning. The Emotional Center towards the torax, allowing arts and relaxation. The Motor Center located in the extremities , giving space to the work-force and its productivity.
All this parts articulated by education, health and commerce.
A City-Body that receives nurishment from nature that surrounds it, air from the mountains, food from the fields and water from the river.
If we all care for our Intelectual, Emotional and Motor Centers, then we will care for the City identity.