EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 2 of 10
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Every activity that doesn't need any natural support is transferred from the dominion of the physical space to an immaterial one. The center of the community is a virtual place, that is a public information interchange. A space that welcomes the conscience of the citizens. The conscience is not reproducible and makes that information unique in the virtual space; it allows to falling in love, and to fell disappointment, fear, joy….The citizen is an individual subject inside a composed system that let him to be seen "connected" through an "ubiquity" technology. In this virtual square he can regulate his duties, decide whether to meet his friends, talk in visual connection to a person or more, hold lectures, pay the taxes, make purchases, work and know the Everyville that is around him. The identity and the safety, that once were testified by the monuments, are assured now by the stock of open-source’s information that are the patrimony of knowledge of the mankind.