EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 3 of 10
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Patrick Hoffmann (GERMANY)
EveryVille: Expect The Unexpected
In EveryVille urbanism - in a traditional sense - has failed.
Traditional urbanism consists of a complex network and interactions between activity and place. The coherence of these two factors has shaped our precognition of urbanity over generations if not even over the last millennium. In contemporary urban developments, like EveryVille, this ‘evolutionary’ way of perceiving urbanity must fail because these places are determined by the dissociation of activity from place. Here now place is associated with time. These characteristics of contemporary urban developments have to be considered and taken advantage of.
To EveryVille this means that a way of affecting peoples’ cognition of the city has to be found. This proposal offers different campaigns that will help EveryVille to create an identity without copying traditional urban elements. EveryVille has become aware of its own qualities. Typical suburban elements will help to promote these strategies.