EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 1 of 10
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Aron IItai Margula (AUSTRIA), Shimon Takasaki (AUSTRIA), Eva Christina Sommeregger (AUSTRIA)
slow sculpture
It was neither Tuesday nor Wednesday, and it was certainly not at 02:32 pm when the phone rang at her place. She was in the midst of mounting a picture on the wall, that’s why she could not pick up the phone. That night, she had decided to go to the cinema and – because she didn’t have an answering machine, she would never find out who had called that day. She took it for granted that different events were taking place simultaneously, after all, she was living in the city. Missing out on occasions has never really bothered her. Was her day-to-day life affected by construction sites growing like mould everywhere feasible? This certain digging into the ground that would unveil a series of hidden structures and traces of eras most citizens had already forgotten about, showing traces of someone else who had been there before, mounting another perspective in space time. Traces, which connect another time in space and another space in time.