EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 31 of 195  
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Flavio Giaccone (ITALIA), Gloria Riccarducci (ITALIA), Marco Treglia (ITALIA), Andrea Graffitti (ITALIA), Michele Ricciardi (ITALIA), Flavia Chiavaroli (ITALIA), Nunzio Bonina (ITALIA), Brunella Iacolino (ITALIA)
The first aim of the city is to be able to incite, grant, develop continuous social and cultural changes, thanks to a flexible, purposeful and democratic method. The street as a mere connection space disappears, to become a continuous and complex place that can stand or can flow, making out a creative relationship between the community and its own spaces. The autistic walls that throw the public external spaces apart from the private internal ones becomes nothing but signs on the ground, ideal filters that can acquire materiality or can remain latent meanings. The communications flies over a multi-level system of material and immaterial webs. The telematic net grants individual presence in the public administration and global-scale sharing, while the public transport comes unstuck from the urban constriction hovering in the air as an independent and flexible web from which one can enjoy a view over the city that helps its comprehension and so the coming out of a sense of belonging.