EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 32 of 195  
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Valerio Pagliuca (ITALIA), Gianluca Ferriero (ITALIA), Maria Gelvi (ITALIA), Pasquale Leccia (ITALIA)
Thinking about Everyville we have considered that squares are usually significant pieces of each ville, because these represent the place in which the socio-cultural identity of their citizens is revealed, and so these can be the underlying theme of our reflections.The way of living that special part of town has changed in the course of time.Historically a square has always been a lively place, even though static, but nowadays it is “dead”, because it does not represents the needs of citizens anymore.Today the square has become a non-lieu, a space in which people meet each other without having any social relationships.Non-lieux are products of modern society by reason of the growing number of technological objects (mobiles, mp3 players, portable videogames), that isolate people, especially kids.Mosqu is a modern touring square, who is not only a traditional square, but also a multi-use space which takes advantage of the modern technology to increase socialization between people.