EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 162 of 195  
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Gerard Gutierrez (CANADA)
The current typology of the shopping mall, has become the unofficial downtown in many exurban communities where people have become accustomed to the mall’s one-stop convenience. This modern behaviour can be exploited to explore new interactions between important civic duties and its often apathetic residents. This new level of public interaction can be accomplished through the hybridization of the common mall typology and its interface with the archetypal City Hall. The existing shopping mall, located on the edge of town, will serve as the substrate for a new addition that will include a new Everyville City Hall, police and fire services, city owned offices, a commercial office tower development and rooftop city park. The existing mall will also gain additional retail spaces and a new interior “public square”. Once completed, the facility will become the new symbol of Everyville and instill new values of civic pride into its residents.