EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 163 of 195  
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Meet Joe, citizen of Everyville, born and grown up in Megalopolis. He is 27 and has lived in Everyville the last few years due to his work. Since college he’s had contact with the internet, and gradually it became part of his life. Today, it’s essential to his work, his personal life and his leisure, in a manner that Joe doesn’t understand why access to the internet happens in such a limited way, with the necessity of "doors". Joe checks his e-mail at home when he wakes up, drives to his job listening to the news, uses the internet at work to connect with people all around the world, logs into blogs and online forums to express his opinions, arranges meetings with his friends through the web. However, he feels that all this punctual access to the network is making his days increasingly individualized and less connected to the urban context. Joe dreams of a city without "doors", where the internet would be exposed to the urban space, its access not punctual, but totally diffused.