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The cows were grazing peacefully here and there in the pasture when I first arrived here.
My family recently moved to Everyville since my mom posted to a new call center in this small town. It is fascinating that there is such a wonderful green place right next to the big city. I am a 10–year old girl. I usually walk to school. After school, I play with my friend in his family’s farm. We make and eat special cheese together. On weekends, when his family goes to the local market held in the shopping mall to sell the cheese and goat’s milk, my family also go there to help them and have fun.
I became a high school student. While I grew up, certain structures have been placed in our town. We just call it ‘spot’. Villagers gather around and communicate through these spots and it makes not only constant but also temporary community space. In class, we have workshops held regularly at a spot in the farm area to discuss dairy industry in local society.