EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 8 of 40
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Thaddeus Jusczyk (UNITED STATES), James Graham (UNITED STATES)
Out From the Underpass
Community is not an architectural ready-made; it requires a common purpose. The strongest social fabrics are constructed through resistance and reclamation, through the desire to prevail over an existing condition. Thus, our Everyville begins in vice (and indeed, what community would pretend to be devoid of it?). Highway One is frayed into seven sinfully derelict avenues that interweave and create a network of overpasses; these exurban infrastructures, largely vacant in their early years, breed unsavory programs in their shadows and become the remote underbelly of Megalopolis. Depravity is Everyville’s preliminary industry; it defines the community’s eminently human identity while acting as an economic driver that sustains the town’s citizenry. Capitalizing on the metropolitan populace’s most basic desires, Everyville sheds its polite image, sparking new opportunities by attracting the region’s first phone sex call center, and a host of related industries.