EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 7 of 40
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Roberto Spina (ITALIA)
The act of finding things where and how we expected let us feel safe. For the same reason an unexpected dissonance takes our attention. Since we don't understand it forces us to keep aware and it makes us feel alive. And memorize it. “She lacked a flaw to be perfect” says Karl Kraus. And we would say unique. What's not in the right place? where is it? Many variables that guarantee a high probability of uniqueness and recognizability. Small dissonances could give identity even to places. Nowadays places that suffer more from lack of identity are the suburbs where the idea of -home- is perceived as an island in the emptiness. Through seeing any house as the focal point of a broader context which keep alive the idea of familiarity we turn inside out this introversion. In a continuous line of buildings a system of voids (as missing teeth) introduce a new kind of space. They are public spaces strictly under power of citizens that could decide how use it as an extension of home.