EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 9 of 40
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Riccardo Sanquerin (ITALIA), Giovanni Nardin (ITALIA), Filippo Cattapan (ITALIA)
Feast Club
Feast Club
It was the beginning of the summer time in 2008 when in Everyville a terrible epidemic broke out. All the story started with some balloon-tents. A group of odd characters went all over the town looking for the most neutral and ordinary spots. There, inside parkings and flowerbeds, they placed these unidentified objects. Curious people started to sneak up on the tents which were full of brand new and sparkling equipment for barbecue. At first everything happened in a parking in the suburbs, where someone stepped forward, mounted the benches and lighted the fire. Then some others joined them. The contamination was occurred very quickly and scattered out of control. In three weeks time every deserted corner turned into a very alive place full of bustling people. Except the butcher’s department, the shopping mall suffered very much from the effect of contamination. Then, as soon as a balloon-tent reached the shopping mall as well, people started to go there again.