EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 166 of 195  
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Bruno Prandi Prandi (SWITZERLAND)
Building identity is about stories of people and spaces. They are the building blocks of memories, the foundations of our lives, real and virtual. To give everville an identity and the people something to identify with, we choose the symbol of a tree.
A tree in the middle of a lake, stands high and lights up at night like stars. Any light represents a citizen of the town. The tree is the place for the initial ritual to welcome new members of the community, to farewell the people who leave or die and to collect the individual stories of all members of the community.The upsidedown reflection of the tree on the water's surface, is not only an illusion. Like and hourglass, an identical tree hangs downward and opens up an underground world expanding into a larger root system where stories are collected over time.
This concept combines a communal place, an architectural monument, an interactive interface and museum of the citizens and the town. A living and growing symbol of Everyville.