EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 165 of 195  
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Gergana Stavreva (GERMANY), Matthieu Götz (GERMANY)
2018. Brad was walking home on the Rhizo. He just watched a movie on the city council roof. He was forced to take a small hidden way down, over some backyards, in order to avoid yet another small demonstration against the raving kids taking over the riverside knot. Lucky strike, since it felt great to have a personal hidden getaway.
2034. 10 years anniversary. A long way. They were dining in one of the fancy restaurants in the riverside knot. It was left as if the raving kids were still around, upgraded with a touch of some fancy tech. It was the one place affected with the memory of their beginning. The shopping knot has regressed into a mere infrastructure, being there and not there in the same time.
2024. Strolling around on the shopping knot plaza, a new intense zone, Brad saw the girl. She was drinking a beer on the edge of the upper level of the undefined structure. Why there? He headed her way without much thought.