EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 167 of 195  
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Federica Gatta (ITALIA), Giorgio Talocci (ITALIA)
Today our sense of community is based on ephemeral events. Those happens on places out of history, places which we could call “spaces of insurrection”.
We would like those insurrections, carnival or guerrilla, happening everyday in Everyville.
So we conceive (phase 0) a void in the center of our three square-kilometers city. Here is our “welcome space”: many temporary accommodations for foreign people in the same place where all the public buildings are too.
Here foreign people will be able to become regular citizens in one month, just proposing an event and making it happen. We call it “ius saturnalibus”. Coming through this city, foreigners will have their rite of passage to a new country in offering this kind of service to our community.
Everyville people will visit the central space everyday, and they’ll meet different cultures, different ways of living. Carnival goes on all year long, and Everyville changes day by day, thanks to positive influences of meeting.