EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 141 of 195  
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Wilma Roig (UNITED STATES), Yarden Harari (UNITED STATES), Noramon Bodhidatta (UNITED STATES)
The multinodal intervention overlays new interactions within the standard imposed grid of vehicular circulation. Everyville is decentralized into walkable nodes, with concentric pedestrian walkways and radial public transportation eminating from the focal point of each. Residents are afforded newfound opportunities for intermodal transportation and diverse vantage points of the town over the flat terrain. As in Venice, where buildings provide for both a land entrance and water entrance, pedestrians and drivers in Everyville will have unique approaches within the suburban fabric and experience a variety of juxtapositions between circulation and program. The nodes remain at walkable distances from one another, each focusing on different town functions, such as educational buildings in one core, cultural in another, and a transportation hub out of the town clustered in a third node. Associated businesses will naturally invite common users and foster a sense of community among them.