EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 142 of 195  
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Robert Cha (UNITED STATES), sanjay sukie (UNITED STATES)

Internet forums have become surrogate public spaces. The success of the internet forums are predicated upon their interest based partitioned nodes, which fosters communities capable of indeterminate and plural events. Now days, accelerated emergence of culture and spontaneous friendships amongst strangers occur only in the virtual nodes with their accommodating programmatic flexibility. Such events do not occur in malls (forums for consumption), not in parks (forums for fix programmed leisure), and certainly not in Starbucks.

We propose to bring the forums back to the physical, after having learned from the internet, by freeing the roads from automobiles and activating the spaces in between the focal point development -with the buildings partitioning unprogrammed voids for public use. Thereafter, nodes with capacity to take on any emergent social functions will spread across EveryVille: between the buildings and across the roads.