EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 140 of 195  
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Alessio Valmori (ITALIA), Sara Angelini (ITALIA), Paride Piccinini (ITALIA), Giuseppe La Corte (ITALIA), Michele Semeghini (ITALIA)
Everyville is about to happen!Unset a city into its actions.Spread them around the existing city.Act from the inside.Make it disappear,rise back into the air and restart somewhere else from the beginning.The mobility of our contemporary lifestyle;the contraction of time into an instant,makes architecture all the more difficult to convey a deep sense of belonging.To involve the participants in a common instance of being there together is the goal.The key is direct experience,through which these events produce memory.Imagine the event is the city itself.A city that is ready to move;temporarily,punctually and everywhere in the interstices of the current urban fabric.Contemporary cities produce leftovers;forgotten space.By means of nescience,that space is pushed out of perception and becomes mute background.Whether it is empty or unused space, does or does not have a function,it will not capture any attention.Everyville is both a raid and an installation.