EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 44 of 195  
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EveryVille is located at 20 km from the south-west of Megalopolis.Its planning respects the geo-morphological characteristics of the territory which played a major role in its development beginning from the river border.EveryVille is based on a Cardo and Decumano system.Its principal axes are defined by two green strips: the west-east strips results from the rectification of the Fiume Medio. The pedestrian paths give an organic character to the tracing system of the city.Their sinuous forms disrupt the orthogonal character of the generating grid that allows a strip expansion that covers 25 Km of the area.Such a connective system,next to a homogeneous distribution of the city-services improve the relations between the citizens and services.The reticular conformation and the homogeneous distribution of the functions prevent a sectoral development. Everyville is a metamorphic, compact and diversified city.It is ecologically sustainable,with a low impact on environment and self-sufficient.