EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 43 of 195  
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Annacaterina Piras (ITALIA), ELENA RIDOLFI (ITALIA), Anna Laura Govoni (ITALIA), Francesca D'Ambruoso (ITALIA), Beatrice Catanzaro (ITALIA), Hasegawa Motoko (ITALIA), Julie Romanet (FRANCE)
Art & green shared network utopia to improve social urban heritage.

The vision start from the idea of rediscover the cultural identity background based on farmlands and urban “ortus” as possibility of renewal, trough programs, connectivity, fluidity and communication.
The idea is to keep the memory of the place conserving the two ancient realities of big A and small B farms but converting them into two new polarities with two different main characters where concentrate social living, didactical activity and city productivity.
The green network utopia will became a whole of different kind and size of public green spaces trough which habitants will have the opportunity to enjoy the city as part of their properly home, cultivating the land, enjoying cultural programs and ephemeral vents around all the year.
We would like to give identity to the places, reasoning the void changing the perception of the places and fostering a sense of belonging trough Citizen participation.