EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 45 of 195  
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Petri Herrala (FINLAND), Sofia de Vocht (FINLAND)
What is identity as a city-dweller? We think it's seeing yourself as a part of a larger continuation of human action and interaction, your shared memories with other inhabitants. Architecture is a concretised form of time: by different styles, its ageing materiality, the memories people attach to buildings, it makes passing of time visible.
Everyville is a suburb with no identity, no character and no history. It is thus especially vulnerable for ageing without dignity. The theme of our proposal is time, and the future of Everyville unfolding with time-layers of pluralistic architecture. We believe in a city of constant change, strong bottom-up democracy and diversity in the urban tissue.

We propose an inward-growing city structure of constant change. The urban tissue is pluralistic and diverse as there is no possibility for a traditional hierarchical suburb-structure around a business-centre controlled by commercial powers.