EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 170 of 195  
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Erika Jacobs Lord (UNITED STATES), Shani Van Bel (UNITED KINGDOM), Peter Kerkhoff (NETHERLANDS)
Residents will have the opportunity to grow and trade their own produce. And in doing so build a community. By hosting a market on the inner tram line, inhabitants can buy their fruit, vegetables and dairy whilst travelling. In addition, locals are interacting with each other rather than visiting sterile superstores in anonymous strip malls. Screens display daily produce and latest prices on the side of the tram and tram stops to encourage local trade. The existing strip mall buildings will be renovated to host the fire and police stations.

Downtown there will be a centrally located civic centre with library, theatre and cafe. The green roof of the civic centre expands into a park which incorporates a pond supporting recreational activities. The civic building combines communal activities in an anti-iconic and sustainable landmark.

Everyville is going back to its agricultural roots. Building on its past, Everyville will stay agile and ready for a changing future.