EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 170 of 195  
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Erika Jacobs Lord (UNITED STATES), Shani Van Bel (UNITED KINGDOM), Peter Kerkhoff (NETHERLANDS)
Community is about creating interrelationships with people, their land and their history. There is no such thing as a place with no history. Everyville is another stage in a long period of occupation, from nomads to farmers to telecommunication. Our plan will connect the inhabitants to their social history and ecological future.
In the next ten years, Everyville will become increasingly self sustaining as a local response to the global food and fuel shortage. The city centre will be redesigned car free and bike and pedestrian friendly. To achieve this goal, we will realize light rail commuter connections to Megalopolis. Locally, two concentric tram lines connect residential and commercial areas.
The inner tram line is a green belt serving as a circular main street, with cafes, tram access and commercial activity. To limit sprawl and encourage local economy, vineyards and farms will produce wine and food on the outlying areas of the outer loop as well as a scenic view for commuters.