EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 169 of 195  
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Matteo Trevisan (ITALIA), Mattia Bittolo (ITALIA)
EveryVille is a new way to think the city,an idea that can be adapt at any urban aggregation.
Our project born from the difficult of connecting between the different urban area and betweeen them and the connection ways. How we can live more happy? Of course we can' t find an only answer for this question, but we believe that the way chosen can it be correct.. We try to decrease the percepetion of the varius infrastructure, for make more pleasant and safety the distances. In our project ideas we try to offer to all the possibility to move by conventional and simple mode, through indipendent ways from the other forms of connections.The green area distribution is the key for the next division of commercial, administrative and residential area; tryng to emphasize the possibilty of a city that can be live autonomously. Low profile solutions for ordinary trouble,regenerate the spaces and maybe a social life moreless frenetic. Simple answers applicable in Everyville/Everywhere.