EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 171 of 195  
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Filippo Sanna (ITALIA), Stefano Cadoni (ITALIA), Valeria Tupponi (ITALIA), Davide Fancello (ITALIA)
TODAY. We could feel only the presence of the near metropolis; and for miles, the landscape was amorphous. That far center swallowed every resource, every will of change. There, like boats stranded when the sea withdraws, were different, scattered, inconclusive buildings, placed on the ground by the quick drain of the resources. Without any identity,without any relations, the suburb began to sublimate, crowding the sky in a vital blow of connections, shapes, ideas, feelings, projects, desire of expression, desire of leaving an impression of its passage. This iridescent and luminescent fluid poured tumultuously on the metropolis, regaining possession of its space, cleaning every corner, coloring all the buildings, inventing new ways of cohesion and renewal. With the passing of time it happened that many other cities or pieces of cities sublimated, and their flows started the journey among the ruins, infecting new centers and creating connections.